My daughter Sam started riding in July, 2011 With Libby at Kurrajong Park. Sam had very little speech and low muscle tone caused by being premature, so we were told that horse riding lessons would help her by her therapist.

At her first horse riding lesson, Sam did not mount Snowy the pony, however Snowy played follow the leader with Sam. She would look over her shoulder, giggle and walk slowly along. We made a week to week story book with photos showing Sams progress, and what she was doing with Libby and pony, Snowy. What Sam has achieved since then is truly amazing, and I couldn’t be prouder.  Her core strength has improved so much she doesn’t need Physio any more, but the most amazing thing is I now have a confident young lady who never stops talking. Libby has supported Sam in so many other ways, not just horse riding, Libby is an inspirational person and is fantastic at what she does.  I am so glad she came into our lives.