Jason - Special Needs

Jason has Autism. He is non verbal and severely impaired. He has been coming to Kurrajong Park Equestrian Centre for 4 years, often 5 days a week.

When he first arrived this was Jasons last hope at socialising and integration, as he was struggling with daily life.  Jason was agitated and tricky when he first came.  Libby related to Jason as a difficult and wild horse.  She was not going to give in and spent many sleepless nights working out how to win him over, and get him out of his shell. It was an amazing trip as Libby explains and to see where he is now is incredible.  He can help catch, lead his horse Tiffany. Brush, groom, saddle, bridle, untie and lead Tiffany to the mounting block.

He is amazing with the games we play, and he now gives eye contact and interaction with a smile and sometimes a verbal noise. He loves the coloured cup game on the sticks, we have to guess which colour he is going to take… We often get smiles, chuckles and quick change of mind to trick us all. Through Libbys intensive 5 days a week program over the years Jason is now able to sign language more, engage with other people and interact.